Lately, Twitter has been gaining the reputation of bringing people together that otherwise would not have met worldwide. 

This is the goal of TWEETSTOCK. A group of people inspired by the arts have banded together to launch a free music festival on a scale never seen before. 

Join the movement and help spread the word at (COMING SOON)

Are you ready?...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


A large group of people communicating through the website Twitter will be gathering together for what is going to be known as Tweetstock, a festival of music, art, intellect, and creativity. Many people have been commenting on the event, stating that it will be a "a free festival for people all over the world to connect as humans. encouraging through art, and the open exchange of thoughts and ideas" It is going to be a very interesting event, and the details are still in the works. If you are interested, you can check out the Twitter page for the event at In the near future, will have more information available as well. Anyone interested in helping organize can get in contact Check it out, follow @Tweetstock if your already on Twitter! Peace.

Shouts to Dennis Johnson

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